Hi everyone. BIG congratulations on a wonderful Tribute to Veterans. Can you believe all the talent we have at our school? The Band, Orchestra, Handbells, and Chorus were stellar! Kids, you rocked! And I feel certain the Veterans who attended felt honored by your work.

I will say for the millionth time I truly understand how fortunate I am to have such amazing and talented young people to teach and such a strong music program supported by your presence, your parents and funding from PTA and the Boxtops program! BTW Boxtops has raised $7,331 since 2002--a dime at a time thanks to Stephanie Szalkowski and our MES families!

I created a photobucket group so we can share photos from events (Concerts, parades, Star Spangled Banner gigs, etc). If you have any photos to add feel free to! I'll be uploading video and the Tribute to Veterans powerpoint as soon as I can.

Photobucket site

Special thanks to:
My awesome MES Musical Colleagues Susie, Totka, Esther, and Liz (Esther's student teacher)
Our Spanish teachers who allowed students to come to extra rehearsals.
First, Second, and Third graders who created notes to put on our thank you wall.
Kathy Platt and Connie Fish for keeping parents in the loop with communication.
Lori Montgomery for creating and running the powerpoint presentation.
Shari Bell for copying and folding our programs (with help from Beth Gault)
Karen Nagler and Jeff Blum (and some kids) for helping set up all the chairs and carting instruments everywhere.
Stephanie Szalkowski, Angela Parker and others I didn't see for helping with decorations (at short notice).
Parents who helped with chaperone duties, crowd control, and everything else.
All of the parents who helped break down and clean up after the concert and reception(I can't name everyone because I'm sure I'll miss some).
Brian Mobley and Jenny Norman for videotaping the concert (uploads soon).
All of you who are, who invited, or who brought Veterans to the concert!

My plan is to make a page of video, powerpoint, and notes from MES to send to our friends and family members who are Veterans, and to post it online for Veterans to see around the world. I'll let you know when it's all together!

Also, if you still have names of Veterans you'd like to add to the powerpoint send me:
+the service person's name,
+branch of service,
+and then the war or 'theater of war' if they served during war time
+chorus member's name who referred them.

Sincerely and humbly yours,
Brianne Turgeon

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During January and February students in Ms. Domningo and Ms. Turgeon's Music and Chorus classes had the opportunity to do a research project on a composer from the ASO's Young People's Concert. Almost 30 students chose to focus on the life and work of Atlanta native Jennifer Higdon. I got to meet Ms. Higdon while she was in town in early March to hear the ASO and Chorus perform and record her work "The Singing Rooms". Ms. Higdon was delighted and honored to hear that so many students were interested in her work. She asked me to tell you hi and she sends her warmest regards. Great work, kids! Now go out and learn about MORE living composers! -Ms. Turgeon

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